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Employer Perks Program

Free Employee and Tenant Benefit Program

  • No Cost to the employer

Hassle FREE

  • No Contracts and No work

Exclusive access to discounts for your employees

  • Up to 90% OFF Local Attractions! These cannot be found anywhere online only through our program.

Improve Company Morale

  • Your employees or tenants are happy because they can save on local attractions and explore their city!

Already working with thousands of organizations

  • Fortune 100 & 500 Companies, top-rated hospitals, property managers, and MORE!
  • Fundraising Opportunities

Grow the community

Citywide Events is a small locally operated business. We believe that small business and community help shape our local economy. Our focus is to help our local community by drawing new customers to local entertainment venues, restaurants, salons/spas, health care facilities and more.

  • Book an appointment to find out more information about our awesome program!
  • Meeting only takes 15-20 minutes we know you are busy!
  • Our program is simple and FUN!
  • Book a morning appointment we will bring you your favorite coffee drink!

Citywide Events was established in 2010. When we first started our program, we wanted to create a benefit program that was new, fun, and exciting. We wanted something that was exclusive for employees inside of corporations, government agencies, property management buildings, schools, and hospitals.

We came up with a discount program that would only be offered 1-3 times a year to each organization. However, we did not want to offer average discounts; we wanted to offer the biggest discounts you could find in DFW. We went out and negotiated 50% to 90% discounts that you cannot find anywhere else. We have OVER 100 Local Discounts.

In Dallas, we are working with over 1,500 organizations. The reason for our success is simple; we have created a program that is FREE and FUN.

Set up an appointment for more information. Since we work with a number of secure locations information is confidential.

Chief Savings Team

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