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What the Property Managers are Saying

I think this is great, I will send the flyer to all 3 of our buildings. I am also going to pass the information onto our other Managers to see if they will be interested.
Sarah Opel 
Cawley Partners
I hope you take pride in that shared accomplishment because, truly, we couldn't do what we do without you.
Ted Silvester 
Toys For Tots


50-90% OFF DFW Attractions

Can not be found anywhere online, only through our program with online access!

We only work with companies and never offer our program to the general public!

Improve Company Morale!

Your tenants are happy they saved on local attractions and explored their city!

Our Program Set Up Steps are Easy

1. Set up an appointment. (In Person or By Phone)

2. Pick a date for the Appreciation Event.

3. Sit back and let Citywide do all the work.

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